Laser Chic Facial Review

I was really excited to be invited to try out a treatment at the newly opened Laser Chic in Hale and I’ve been dying to tell you all about it (including sharing a special discount code!)

They specialize in non-invasive advanced laser and skin treatments such as Laser Hair ReductionDermal FillersAnti-Ageing Injections along with pharmaceutical grade Bespoke Clinical Facials and Plasma Shower among many other treatments.

Their bespoke clinical facial treatments are quite different from traditional facial treatments. Rather than being just a relaxing spa treatment, the goal of a clinical facial is to promote and then maintain healthy skin. So, whether you are concerned about lines and wrinkles, facial redness, pigmentations or acne, Laser Chic can help make a real difference to how you look and feel using Janssen Cosmetics’ clinically proven facials.

On arrival, I was greeted by Donna who explained she would be administering my treatment that day. Once in the treatment room she began with a complete skin analysis, asking me about my skin, my current routines and any problem areas. This helps to determine what products should be used in the treatment, but also helps them to recommend longer-term routine changes.

I got settled ready to start my facial and found Donna really warm and knowledgeable, explaining each of the stages as she went, as well as answering my many questions along the way!

Step 1: Starting off with the Gentle Cleansing Powder (Combination Skin range) which is a water-soluble cleansing powder packed with skin-friendly tensides for clear, matte skin. This gently removes make-up and is great for a first cleanse or on its own in your morning routine.

Step 2: For the second cleanse, Donna used the Multi Action Cleansing Balm (Mature Skin range). This transforming cream-gel combines four application possibilities in one formula; it can be used as a cleansing lotion, make-up remover, moisturising mask and as an SOS balm for particularly dry skin areas.

Step 3: Followed by the Micellar Skin Tonic (Mature Skin range), an alcohol-free facial tonic with innovative micellar technology. Containing saccharide isomerates and long-chained hyaluronic acid; it binds firmly to the skin’s keratin and allows the optimum moisture penetration and retention of the skin.

Step 4: Next up was the Skin Refining Enzyme Peel (Mature Skin range). With active ingredient subtilisin, a biotechnologically-derived enzyme, it dissolves protein compounds between the top skin cells of the stratum corneum, promoting the peeling process of the epidermis.

Step 5: Then came the wonder product: Normalizing Skin Fluid Ampoule (Professional range). This little glass bottle contains a concentrate for sebum gland regulation for oily, blemished skin with active ingredients oleanolic acid, salicylic acid, aloe vera and red algae. Donna used this on my hormonal breakout area (jawline) and it instantly reduced redness. after another evening use of it, the breakout was all but gone.

Previous to treatment had hormonal breakout blemishes and redness on jawline area; this photo was taken straight after.

Step 6: Here she used a mix of the Facial Cream Masks in different areas. Firstly, the Purifying on my neck and chest to deeply cleanse oily, blemished skin, with healing earth, extracts of red algae and Fomes officinalis plus anti-sebum active substance complex with oleanolic acid. On my cheeks and forehead, where my skin was most dehydrated, she used Hydrating packed with, as you might imagine, hyaluron acid.

Step 7: One of my favourite products used was the Detox Cream (All Skin range). A rich care cream with active ingredients to support the cellular detoxification systems, it has a lipid content of 31% so is perfect for dry or dehydrated skin. Mixing active ingredients derived from yeast and avocado, the skin’s purifying mechanisms are supported and deposits are broken down. Add in some vitamin C isopalmitate and vitamin E acetate to protect the skin from oxidative stress and the result is a radiant and even complexion, even after a single use. This was left to soak in whilst I had an amazing head massage.

Enjoying my post massage rest 🙂

Step 8: The Goodnight Lip Mask (All Skin range) was actually another of my favourites and will be my next purchase when I go back for my next facial. Highly effective at repairing, the lip mask fuses with the skin and unfolds its intensive moisturizing and extremely valuable ingredients, such as hyaluronic acid and phyto-extracts. Smoothing shea butter, protective herbal waxes, and cell-strengthening oils give the lips irresistible suppleness and sensual volume.

Step 9: Donna went in with another layer of the Detox Cream (All Skin range) used in Step 7 to lock in as much moisture as possible!

Step 10: Dark Circle Eye Cream: a powerful 4-1 complex of active ingredients for the eyes, made from a tripeptide in combination with a micro algae extract, panthenol and short chain hyaluronic acid, making dark circles, lines and wrinkles look significantly improved.

Overall, I had a wonderful experience at Laser Chic an the treatment left my skin feeling and looking much more hydrated, plumped and glowing. The first photo shows straight after treatment and the second is the morning after. This is also the first time ever I have posted a photo of my face without any make up on, which for me, is pretty scary!

The treatment was gifted, but I purchased the Janssen Face Guard SPF 30 as I needed a lighter winter SPF and liked that this felt like a moisturiser as well. After a recommendation from Donna on how best to treat hormonal breakouts, I also bought the Normalizing Skin Fluid Ampoules which brought down redness and blemishes overnight! (see Step 5)

All products mentioned above are available to purchase over the phone, just give them a call and they will be happy to also guide you based on a skin consultation. Christmas gift sets and gift vouchers (which I’ve recommended as a perfect present in my Gift Guide for someone who deserves a real treat) are also available.

As an exclusive offer for my readers, if you use code FIONA10 upon booking any laser hair removal or clinical facial you will get an exclusive 10% off! You can call or book online and the discount will be applied upon payment in person after your treatment. Offer is valid until 31st January 2021.

I’d love to hear from you if you go for a treatment – tag me in your glowing photos on Instagram @thatswhatfisaid

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