Christmas Gift Guide 2020

Festivities this year will look and feel quite different for most of us I’m sure. But one thing that will likely remain is the annual stress of what to buy for whom, especially when you have one of *those* people in your life. You know the one’s I mean. They buy themselves everything that they want when they want it and then also totally smash gift giving as well, so they fall to the bottom of your list whilst you try to figure out something unique and exciting to buy them (on a £20 budget) that isn’t a square metre of land on the moon.

Fear not, for I have done the research and out the hours in so you don’t have to, to bring you a round up of the best gift ideas for this Christmas.

This year has seen lots of small, independent businesses struggle, whilst allowing those who have always dreamt of turning their hobby into their career the free time and ‘it’s now or never’ attitude to kick start it.

So, this year’s guide celebrates the indies, the non-tax evading, the blood, sweat and tears givers and I urge you where possible to shop local, shop sustainably and support people like you.

Unique jewellery that will sparkle and shine…

  1. A brand I absolutely adore is Bloody Mary Metal. Based in Cornwall, they design and create stand out pieces with an alternative edge. One of my faves is the Death Before Dishonour Dagger Necklace from £80.
  2. Brighton based Halina Mutinta creates cool as fuck pieces including my much asked about barbed wire gold hoops. Their pieces combine fine jewellery with alt style inspired by Indigenous art and ancient pattern to create really special pieces.
  3. For Scandi-inspired metal work, there’s Nordic Muse. Mixing minimalist design with fresh takes on classics, their adjustable ring range means you can always find a surprise gift that fits, like their Croissant ring priced at £22.

Homeware gifts that will really make a mark…

  1. For stunning pottery, check out HoF Ceramics. Wheel-thrown modern, minimalist styles with really useable pieces like this Lidded Storage Pot for £22 make for a dream gift.
  2. If you know someone who likes bright and colourful designs, then I recommend Been Caught Making who specialises in textiles with a fun twist like these Bespoke Triangle Cushions for £25.
  3. For quirky and bold touches, I love Manchester-based Oklahoma Their Hand Painted Leopard Storage Trunk for £75 are as beautiful as they are unique.

Foodie treats that will make you lick your lips…

  1. So many places are doing treat boxes and gift sets so for nationwide delivery try The Vegan Kind or if you’re Manchester based I recommend a cake box from Teatime Collective.
  2. Hampers are a stalwart Christmas gift, but this year instead of going for something posh why not find a charity one? Like these Swan Kitchen Hampers from Back on Track who help adults when they are struggling.
  3. Why not give the gift of a new skill? There are so many online cookery courses available, but I like Food From 4 starting at £10.

Beauty and wellbeing presents that will impress…

  1. A treatment voucher is prefect for those who never take the time to treat themselves. For expert skincare check out Laser Chic clinic in Altrincham (full treatment review and discount code here!) Or for the best massage in Manchester get in touch with Nandini Fitness who does home visits.
  2. Candles are an essential step in a full beauty and wellbeing treat and make great gifts! Shop small batch, Manchester made from NOA with options like their Breathe Candle from £9.95.
  3. A really useful gift to help someone on their wellbeing journey is a Yoga mat! Yogamatters are committed to positive social impact and their Sticky Yoga Mat at £20 came highly recommended (I bought 3!)

If none of that trimmed your tree, then here’s a round up of everything else…

  1. I personally love prints as a gift – but always frame them or you’re just gifting someone a job to do! From cutesy stuff like Veronica Dearly to a pack of prints from the tattooists at Tooth and Talon for £30 you can find something for all tastes.
  2. Brighton based Malice Lingerie has some seriously hot stuff on offer! I love their Signature Malice bra at £65 but they have incredible bikinis and one-pieces too. And if you buy for your other half, it’s a treat for you too right?
  3. And finally, time for my annual ‘Support your local record shop!’ chant. However you listen to it – buy the physical form (or a cute tee/tote bag) to keep these shops open. Check out Specialist Subject Records in Bristol, Banquet Records in London or Piccadilly Records in Manchester who all do gift vouchers.

Happy shopping and if you know of an amazing independent business I should check out, leave me a comment below!

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