Christmas Gift Guide 2021

I asked you who you really struggle to buy for when it comes to buying Christmas gifts and there were a few that seemed to be popular with a lot of you!

So, this year, based on your feedback, I’ve focused my gift guide on three types so hopefully this is helpful for you 😊

First up, the person who has everything. From your responses, this tends to be a parent or a partner, but you struggle because they buy everything they want for themselves. So, my top tip here is to buy them something they wouldn’t buy themselves i.e. something special and luxurious that’s not a necessity. Also, think about gifts that aren’t ‘things’ (as they have enough of those!) and more about gift experiences. Here are my top 4 picks:

  1. I personally love an ‘Experience’ gift over anything else as you get to spend time with that person. This will depend on their interests but some ideas are spa day, driving experience, cooking class, afternoon tea, escape room or theatre & hotel stay. There’s lots of sites like Red Letter Days (from £10) where you can search loads, or if you have an idea get in touch with a local restaurant, spa etc to make it happen! You can always create your own ‘gift voucher’ for the experience if it’s one you’ve made up yourself.
  2. Similarly, a food hamper is a lovely luxury gift that you can tailor to their tastes. For chocolate lovers, try Betty’s Chocolate Lovers Festive Gift Bag (£45) or for something more traditional, how about The Piccadilly Hamper (£100) from Fortnum & Mason. My personal favourite is this Vegan Snack Attack box (£30) from The Vegan Kind.
  3. Jewellery is always something that feels a bit luxurious and you can go high end with something like Poesy Leaf Ring Necklace from Monica Rich Kosann (from $585) or shop local & independent like these Fringe Earrings (£28) that are perfect for party season, from Palms + Prairie. I’ve even got a special 10% discount code you can use between 01-19/12: FIXMAS10
  4. If you have a big budget and they’re into films, a cinema pass (£148) is a great shout. If they’re not into films, you can find UK attractions passes (£92.50) or monthly book schemes(from £9.99/mth).

The next one a few of said you stressed about buying for was the work Secret Santa. It could be someone you know very little about and usually with a tight budget so how do you get something that’s going to be gratefully received? I think this is the perfect person to buy something festive for as it’s something they will enjoy when they receive and then revisit year after year. Here are my choices for a £5-£10 limit:

  1. Why not treat them to s special or personalised festive decoration? There’s are lots from smaller, independent craft sellers like these bespoke baubles (£4) from Etsy.
  2. Whether you’re working from home or going into the office, everyone needs a mug! Supermarkets do some great budget friendly ones that you can pick up on your food shop – I like this Disney Christmas F initial one (£4) from Tesco and this Rainbow NHS one (£4) from Sainsburys.
  3. A game that can be played over the festive break is always welcome! I like this Festive Box of Games (£6) from John Lewis.
  4. A stress relieving treat is a good call and I personally love this Head Massager (£7.99) from IWOOT as it actually works and feels amazing – trust me!

The final tricky type that I heard a few times was older kids (10-18yrs) which is such a difficult one, I think! I have a 14-year-old godson to buy for and all he wants is money! I’ve rounded up some options, but it will really depend on where their interest lies – sports, music, make-up etc. but hopefully these will provide some inspiration:

  1. A make-up bag is a great shout – I like this one Bouffants & Broken Hearts Drawstring Makeup Organiser (£10) from Boots which could be a stocking filler, or buy some beauty bits to go inside like these Benefit goodies (£19.50) or a set of brushes (£11)
  2. A more grown-up board game that can be played by all the family after Christmas dinner always goes down well. Out of Order (£22) is good for 14+ or for a slightly younger audience, I’d suggest the new Pictionary Air (£20).
  3. For the tech savvy teens how about their own Google Home Mini speaker (£18) from John Lewis. They can play music, games or ask it just about anything.
  4. If all else fails then go with a voucher for their favourite shop or top up a coffee card to pay for a drink every week.

Let me know which picks are your favourite and if you have any other great suggestions!

Happy Gift Giving!

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