6 ways to get through a long-haul flight

As holiday season is in full swing, here are my top tips for not only surviving an 8-hour flight, but how to make the most of it…

1.Stretch Your Legs (1hr)

We know there are health benefits in walking around when you’re thousands of feet in the sky, but it can also break up the monotony and help you to snooze too. Try and walk up and down the whole plane a few times and if space, do some leg, feet, neck and back stretches too.

2.Indulge In Beauty (1hr)

There are lots of double wins that will help pass time as well as making you look and feel more human after 8hrs being blasted by air con. You could get a nice lotion and give yourself a hand and arm massage; indulge in a skin plumping sheet mask; or use one these gadgets to give yourself a scalp massage (warning you may make inappropriate moaning sounds!)

3.Watch But Don’t Cry (2hrs)

Watching films on a plane is a no-brainer, but avoid those tearjerkers as you are much more likely to cry on plane due to the increased altitude and a perceived loss of control. So, filter for the comedies, sit back and let a couple of hours slide by.

4.Eat (1hr)

Some people eat out of necessity, but for me it’s a hobby I thoroughly enjoy. If you have a meal provided, then take your time to work through it – there’s no rush and eating more slowly can help aid digestion and hydration. Make sure you drinks lots of water throughout your flight as well.

5.Brain Workout (1hr)

Whether you prefer digital or traditional – puzzles and games are great for both passing time while keeping you alert on flights. I like Professor Layton games or Sudoku on my phone. If there is a few of you, you can’t beat a good puzzle book as you can chat through the questions and easily make it a group activity.

6.Sleep (2hr)

Depending on your flights times and which way you are moving through time zones, it might be best to have a solid sleep or take multiple short naps. To help ask for a blanket, pop in some earplugs, wear a sleep mask, invest in a travel pillow and use some essential oils to help you drift off with ease.

Enjoy your flight and know how jealous I am of your summer breaks!

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