Glastonbury Fashion

The big worry is the weather. Or more specifically, the rain, the wind and the mud. But we were lucky and had highs (no pun intended) of over 30 degrees.

I chose to not pack my wellies or waterproof trousers. Some called me crazy, some called me stupid, but in the end I was right. It was risky but I needed to make space for my two towels, body jewels and 20 bin bags (no, I didn’t use them).

The glorious weather meant I wore exactly what I planned to except from whilst I was sleeping. It was freezing, so I had to layer with t-shirts and wrap a scarf around my head – strangely there is no photo evidence of this, but I assure you it looked très chic. Here is a run down of the rest…

Day 1 Wednesday

Travelling and exploring

I wanted to be comfy and have a pair of legging with me so I travelled in my Ivy Park leggings and a band t-shirt. I also had my hoody with me which I subsequently left on the coach so had to borrow my friend’s to sleep in. I did try to buy a neon tie dye hoody replacement but they didn’t have my size, maybe it was a blessing in disguise.

When we got to our tent and unpacked, I changed into a navy and white polka dot dress with black tights (which I would never normally wear together but it was COLD and I quickly realised that no-one cares what the hell you are wearing or doing at any given time.)

Day 2 Thursday

Exploring, walking and dancing

It was perfect weather for summer dresses so I wore a ditsy daisy print swing dress from Primark with a lightweight white tee underneath. It was warm enough to wear without but I wanted my shoulders covered as I knew they would burn even with factor 50 slathered on them. I paired with my black vans as there was minimum mud and they are my comfiest shoes.

Day 3 Friday

Lauryn Hill, cocktails and Shangri-La

Another hot one so I wore my leopard print dress with my vans. It’s thin breathable cotton and is from the ASOS fuller bust range so it actually buttons in the right places! Again, it meant my shoulders were covered and I worse my trusty black vans. I should probably mention the hat here. I am prone to sun stroke but equally hate wearing hats. I got this straw one a couple of years ago and although it looks a bit daft, it does the job and it came out with me every single day.

Day 4 Saturday

Lizzo, The Chemical Brothers and all night dancing

This was the hottest I think I ever been – consistently. I wore my red tropical print dress, again from the ASOS fuller bust range in a loose, crepe-like fabric along with bamboo hoop earrings and pink flowers in my hair. It was so hot that I didn’t think I’d need tights for later – that was presumptuous and I definitely should have packed them.

Day 5 Sunday

Kylie, cocktails and The Cure

I had planned something special for my festival finale and I went big in gold. A gold strapless mini dress from Missguided with chunky gold hoops, mirrored aviators and not one, but two stick on body jewel pieces. Add to that the straw cowboy hat and it was certainly a lewk. It made me think of the famous quote from Dolly Parton, “It costs a lot of money to look this cheap.”

And that’s it; my Glastonbury wardrobe! I’ll be following up with a Glastonbury Beauty post and then finally my thoughts and experiences from the festival.

Let me know which look is your favourite!

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